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Board and Train

Already planning on boarding with us? Need a jumpstart on your dog's training? How about a little tune-up for your pup while you're traveling. Count on our Trainers to ensure your dog not only has a ton of fun during their stay, but learn some things along the way as well!


The Benefits of Dog Training

Dog training is beneficial for several reasons. Whether you have a well-behaved dog that needs a little work or a puppy that needs a lot of work, training can help. Training makes your bond with your dog stronger and helps your dog be more responsive to you. It makes your dog happier, more manageable, and easier to control. Dog training is designed to teach dogs how to behave around humans.

Overnight Boarding

We offer a 24/7 facility for overnight boarding which is ideal for situations where you might be away on vacation or on a works trip and wish to know that your pup is in the safest possible hands. We offer an all-inclusive overnight boarding service that means you don’t have to worry about any hidden add-on charges or extras. Everything that you receive is included in the price that you pay for Arizona overnight boarding. The fee that you pay for our overnight boarding service includes daycare, feeding, medication, and more. Get the peace of mind you need with our leading overnight boarding service.

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A Training First Facility

We are a training first facility that believes every dog we encounter deserves to receive the best treatment. We treat each dog that comes into our center as a member of our family. Although nobody loves your dog quite like you do, we are happy to compete for second place. We are passionate about ensuring your dog remains safe, happy, and healthy.

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We are waiting to hear from you right now if you want to find out more about our Arizona dog training services. We can help with structure, obedience training, socialization, behavior modification, and more. Get in touch today by giving us a call, sending us an email or by completing the form on our website.