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Dog Training

At Mak Pack Dog Training & Boarding, we can help if you need access to quality dog training in Arizona. We can offer private sessions and group classes for dog training. Our services begin with basic puppy training through to therapy animal and service animal certifications.


The Benefits of Dog Training

Dog training can be of benefit to you and your pup for several reasons.  It can help whether you have a generally good dog whose behavior requires a little adjustment or a pup that needs more attention. Dog training can improve your bond with your dog and help your dog feel more relaxed around you. It can make your dog happier, more responsive, and easier to manage. Obedience training is designed to ensure your dog learns basic commands so you can manage them more easily and they become more sociable.

Class Details and Pricing

Puppy / Beginner - 6 Sessions

  • Learn the basics of Canine Behavior and let us help you install your communication system! DUE TO DEMAND - THESE SESSIONS ARE WAITLIST ONLY. PLEASE CALL 602.374.3388 TO BE ADDED TO LIST. To expedite enrollment, please create an account under JOIN THE PACK!

    Class covers: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Take it, Leave it, Drop it, Leash Training, Socialization, Behavior Modification for unwanted behaviors and more!

Intermediate - 6 Sessions

  • Hone your skills with expert guidance! Get more comfortable and confident working with your dog despite Distractions and Distance.

    Class covers: Heel, Wait, Stand, Place, Distraction and Distance work, Impulse Control, Engagement, Conditioning and much more!

Advanced - 6 Sessions

  • This class is designed for dogs with a purpose! Therapy, Service, Emotional Support Animal. Dogs that graduate Advanced class will graduate with their Canine Good Citizen and be ready to conquer the world!

    Class covers: Accepting Friendly Strangers, Sit politely for Petting, Advanced Heel and Stay techniques, and more!

A Better, More Positive Response

During dog training, your pet can learn how to respond positively to other dogs and find out what is and isn’t socially acceptable. Your dog is likely to encounter a huge number of dogs during their lifetime, which is one reason why it’s so important that they know how to treat them. During our sessions, you’ll get the chance to ask us any questions that you need to so you can make dog management more successful. Simply let us know if your dog is exhibiting any specific behaviors that you want to overcome so we can identify the best methods to help you and your pet. Dog training can also make it less likely that your dog will find themselves in dangerous situations which could cause them to come to harm. Safety is one of many reasons why so many people are investing in dog training in Arizona.

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A Training First Facility

We are a training first facility that believes every dog we encounter deserves to receive the best treatment. We treat each dog that comes into our center as a member of our family. Although nobody loves your dog quite like you do, we are happy to compete for second place. We are passionate about ensuring your dog remains safe, happy, and healthy.


Several Years of Experience

Our company co-founder Spencer Mak has a long dog training history and is extremely passionate about animal behavior. Gaining his first wave of dog training experience in Vancouver, BC, he worked as a PetSmart dog trainer for many years after moving to Arizona. Eventually, PetSmart consulted with him to rework their dog training curriculum, and the results are still in use today. The main three pillars of our dog training approach are Behavior, Obedience and Socialization. These concepts are at the forefront of each of the services we provide.

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We are waiting to hear from you right now if you want to find out more about our Arizona dog training services. We can help with structure, obedience training, socialization, behavior modification, potty training and more. Get in touch today by giving us a call, sending us an email or by completing the form on our website.