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Who We Are

Mak Pack Dog Training & Boarding was founded seven years ago by Spencer and Lauren Mak. The company was founded on the simple premise that it wished to provide an all-inclusive experience for pets and their owners. Over the years, Spencer and Lauren have devoted their nights, weekends, and holidays to their unwavering philosophy that all-inclusive care can be both exceptional and affordable.


Everything You Need for Your Dog’s Development

Whenever a dog comes in our care, we always ensure they receive everything they need to be successful and well-adjusted. Once your dog enters our facility, they will benefit from structure, obedience training, socialization, behavior modification, potty training and more. Our center is now home to a dedicated indoor training, daycare and boarding facility, and we are no longer the best kept secret in canine care and education. Potential clients are welcome to come and see our facilities for themselves.

Our experience

Spencer’s dog training journey began at a young age in Vancouver, BC where he was fortunate enough to work alongside leading trainers and behaviorists at a hunting dog academy. Spencer championed gun dogs and show dogs in the role of a junior handler and soon learned that his true passion was animal behavior.

Once Spencer relocated to Arizona, he decided that we wished to continue pursuing dog training and animal behavior. He worked as a dog trainer for PetSmart for seven years, with his contribution enabling his store to become the third-best in the nation for dog training.  He was then hand-picked to train future dog trainers. Eventually, PetSmart decided to consult with him to revamp their dog training curriculum which they continue to use today.

Each dog treated as family

Although we know nobody loves your dog like you do, we are happy to compete for the runners-up position. We treat each dog in our care like a member of our family, working as hard as we can to keep them safe, happy and healthy. We can provide all the main services that you might need for your pup, including doggy daycare, overnight boarding, professional dog training, access to an indoor dog park, dog washes and more. Why not let the Mak Pack by the #1 expert resource for you and your pup and allow us to be part of your journey?


Raising the Bar

We aim to be the first and best choice for owners who need help with their dog in Arizona, offering an amazing range of services to meet the needs of all dog owners. We want to raise the bar when it comes to the quality and caliber of services across the board, with Behavior, Obedience and Socialization being the three fundamental pillars of our philosophy.

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Why wait any longer to get in touch if you need help with dog training and boarding in Arizona? You can reach us today by giving us a call, by sending us a message or by emailing us. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we possibly can.