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Indoor Dog Park

At Mak Pack Dog Training & Boarding, we are proud to be home to Arizona’s first indoor dog park. This incredible facility measures over 10,000 square feet and is fully air conditioned, plus temperature and vaccine checked. The dog park is also staffed to help with cleaning and the monitoring of your dog’s safety.

The Perfect Place to Play

Our indoor dog park opened in June 2022 and has already received many glowing reviews from our clients. The park is the ideal environment for you to spend time with your dog and their best friends whilst making the most of our play areas. We welcome all dog breeds and sizes once your pup has passed temperament evaluation. Small dog and big dog areas are available to ensure every member of our pack is well catered for.

Our dog park is exclusively located at our Chandler Location. 3050 S. Gilbert Rd. Chandler, AZ 85286. To gain entry to the park, just ensure you have an active account and proof of vaccinations. Our local Chandler dog park is simply the perfect place to socialize your pup and have fun together without having to worry about unsupervised dogs, agitated owners, unsanitary conditions, hot weather and more.

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A Safer Alternative to Your Local Park

We have done everything in our power to ensure you benefit from all the things you love about a conventional dog park whilst helping you avoid all the pain points. Our indoor dog park is air conditioned for year-round access, with our park staff carefully monitoring all areas to ensure all pups are having fun without being disruptive. If you do find that you need to step outside for a moment, we will look after your dog whilst you quickly visit the café or snack bar. You can count on our management team to keep track of all shot records, keep the space safe and clean and ensure you have a fantastic time during your visit.

All breeds and sizes are welcome, but we do ask that each dog passes a behavior check before they can enter the park. The check will begin with staff observation whilst your dog greets another pup through the fence. If there are no signs of tension, they will be permitted to enter the play space whilst being monitored for evidence of fear of aggression. You may be asked to spend time in one of our leashed areas whilst your dog is settling in.

A Fun, Safe Space for Dogs

We want all dogs in our park to have fun. For this reason, biting, mounting, humping, collar grabbing, or distribution of outside toys or treats cannot be tolerated. If we do spot any fighting, biting, excessive barking, or uncontrolled problem behaviors you will be asked to take your dog home for the day. Although these behaviors can be viewed as playful, they can also cause the environment to become stressful and cause such behavior to escalate.

Vaccinations and Other Requirements

Dogs also need to be vaccinated for rabies, Bordetella, and DHPP. Dogs in heat are not permitted to enter the space. Owners are asked to provide proof of vaccinations and complete a behavior questionnaire. We do not permit entry to dogs in heat. Proof of these items must be provided in our online system along with the behavior questionnaire before entry.

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Simply get in touch today to find out more about our indoor dog park in Chandler. You can reach us today by completing the form on our site, by giving us a call or by emailing us. We will respond as quickly as we possibly can.